How I Increased My Medium Earnings By Over 13,000%

I joined medium over a year ago. I published my first medium article Using sapply() function in R to generate a table on July 7, 2018. This article was written mostly for experimental purposes. The feeling of satisfaction that a writer derives when someone actually reads their work and post feedback and comments about their work is what encouraged me to keep writing.

Even though I have written several articles covering a wide variety of topics, this article will focus only on data science articles.

Before discussing some of the guidelines for writing a data science article, let’s first answer a very important question.

Why should you consider writing data science articles on Medium?

Writing medium articles has 5 main advantages:

  1. It provides a means for you to showcase your knowledge and skills in data science.
  2. It motivates you to work on challenging data science projects, thereby improving your data science skills.
  3. It enables you to improve your communication skills. This is useful because it enables you to convey information in a way that the general public can understand.
  4. Every article published on Medium is considered intellectual property, so you can add a medium article to your resume.
  5. You can make money from your articles. By means of the Medium Partner Program, anyone who publishes on Medium can make their articles eligible for earning money.

Accomplishments after 15 months of publishing on medium

All time total views = 71,000

All time total reads = 38,000

All time read ratio = 54%

Number of follows = 555

Maximum total monthly earning = $200

Minimum total monthly earning = $1.47

Percent Increase = 100 x (Max-Min)/Min = 13,500%

Views on first month of joining medium compared to current views:

My top 8 medium articles:

How to Increase Your Medium Earnings

Medium pays authors based on engagement metrics such as read time, number of claps, read ratio, number of fans, etc. Although the algorithm used by Medium to determine your earnings is obscure, and difficult to understand, one thing is clear: your engagement metrics are strongly correlated to the number of views your articles get.

So to increase your earnings, you need to increase the number of views your articles get. As your article views go up, your number of reads will go up, your number of claps will go up, and your number of fans will also go up.

So the secret is to increasing your medium earnings is to increase your number of views, as can be seen in the figures below.

Here are some ways to increase your number of views, reads, fans and earnings:

  1. To be successful as a medium writer, you have to keep writing and writing and writing. The more you write and publish, the greater the number of views you get, which in turn will translate into reads, fans, and earnings.
  2. Keep your articles between 4 to 6 minutes of read time. Most people don’t have a very long attention span. In order to encourage and motivate your viewers to read your article all through the end, its good to keep your article brief.
  3. Curated stories: In order for your story to be curated, it must be of high quality. Curated stories get more views as your articles gets distributed by medium and could listed as a featured article. This would attract more viewers and readers, and more fans. For more information about this, see Medium’s Curation Guidelines.
  4. Feature Image: Your feature image should be chosen with a lot of care. It should be a high quality image that immediately captures the attention of viewers and something that would motivate then to click on your story and read through. A feature image plays a great role as to weather a story is selected by curators or not. If you are using an image from a website, it is advisable that you obey copyright rules regarding the image. Make sure you have the rights to reuse the image. To avoid violating copyright rules, you can actually create your own feature images. Most of my articles that got curated were articles where I created my own feature image. This aritlce: Choose the Right Featured Image For Your Data Science Articles will help you in choosing the right featured image for your article.

In summary I have discussed several ways in which a writer can improve traffic to their articles, hence increasing views, reads, fans, and earnings. Writing on medium is fun, its an excellent mental activity, and serves as a means of generating side income. The tips discussed here will enable writers to maximize their number of views, reads, fans, and earnings.

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