Hello Leonel,

Thanks for your comments. Data science is a practical field. The courses I listed in my article are courses that are designed to give you a solid foundation in data science/data analysis. These courses alone will not make you a data scientist. After taking these courses, you will have to keep working hard and applying your knowledge to several data science projects. Each time you work on a new project, you may showcase the skills acquired using platforms such as github or LinkedIn. If it is possible, you may also seek a data analyst/data scientist internship position. This would give the opportunity to apply your knowledge to real world data science problems.

Data Science is all about what you can do. Since you already have an engineering background, you could learn a lot of data science concepts independently. A degree could be required only for people that do not have a solid math background. Data science requires some background in mathematics. I have a different article about the math topics that you need to focus on. Find out more here: https://medium.com/@benjaminobi/4-math-skills-for-machine-learning-12bfbc959c92

Please let me know if you have further questions.

Physicist, Data Science Educator, Writer. Interests: Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Python & R, Personal Finance Analytics, Materials Sciences, Biophysics

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