Thanks for such an elaborate response and feedback. I absolutely agree with what you said: “There’s a lot of focus on what you can get from data science (salary, job, opportunities, technical skills) and not much about what you bring.”

I have looked at lots of data science job ads and it seems to me that some companies don’t really address this point as they mostly focus on technical skills, years of experience, data science projects completed, etc. Some other companies are simply excited about having someone with title “data scientist” in their company, not fully understanding how a data scientist can add value to their company.

It is important to really focus on what a data scientist’s contribution is, and unless a company has a well defined problem that has to be solved using data, it becomes a challenge to leverage the full potential of data scientists.

Thanks again.

Physicist, Data Science Educator, Writer. Interests: Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Python & R, Personal Finance Analytics, Materials Sciences, Biophysics

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