Maintaining a repository of your data science projects, both for small or big projects, is great for portfolio building and bookkeeping

Data science is a field of continuous progress and lifelong learning. A data science journey begins with the learning of the fundamentals. Once a solid foundation has been established, the learner has to continue to expand his or her knowledge by learning advanced concepts and applying the knowledge acquired to…

Failure, though painful provides a unique opportunity for adjusting, learning, improving, and growing

I had a screening interview with one financial company for a data scientist position about 3 years ago. They gave me a take home data science challenge problem. The expectation was that the problem be solved in 3 to 6 hours. Find below is the problem statement.

Loan forecasting problem statement

Instructions: In this…

Educate yourself about the economy, financial markets, and personal finance from the world’s best economists and investors

Disclaimer: This article is meant to share some resources that I used to educate myself about the economy, financial markets, personal finance, and wealth building, and in no way should be considered as financial advice.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin

Few years ago, I started…

Understanding your income and expenses, and ensuring that expenses never exceed income is the first step to wealth building

Disclaimer: This article is meant to provide some basic advice on how to manage income and expenses, and in no way should be considered as financial advice.

Your income is your most powerful tool for wealth building. Understanding your income and expenses, and ensuring that expenses never exceed income is…

5 steps to guide you in your data science journey

Data Science is such a broad field that includes several subdivisions like data preparation and exploration; data representation and transformation; data visualization and presentation; predictive analytics; machine learning, etc. I was introduced to data science in 2017 by a close colleague of mine. Because my academic training is in computational…

Map out a good plan for your data science journey and work hard to fulfill your plan. Focus on milestones instead of individual courses.

The field of data science has received a lot of attention within the past years and is currently considered one of the fastest growing fields due to the rising demand for skilled data science professions. …

Lifelong learning in data science continues online

The first step in your journey to data science is to build a strong knowledge of fundamental data science concepts. Wheather you are a beginner or a seasoned data science practitioner, one thing is certain: lifelong learning in data science is inevitable. …

Free math resources to enable you establish a solid foundation for mastering data science concepts

Most beginners interested in getting into the field of data science are always concerned about the math requirements. Data science is a very quantitative field that requires advanced mathematics. But to get started, you only need to master a few math topics. …

Propel your career forward and expand your personal knowledge base by acquiring data science skills

Learning data science should not always be with the intent of becoming a data scientist. Anyone passionate about working with data can set a goal to learn the fundamentals of data science.

This article will discuss 5 ways in which knowledge in data science could lead to personal and career…

Establish your presence and showcase your data science skills using these 5 platforms

Before discussing the 5 ways to increase visibility in the data science community, let us discuss some reasons why it is extremely important to do so.

4 Reasons why it is important to increase your visibility in the data science community

  1. Maintaining a presence in the data science community helps you showcase your data science skills.
  2. It enables you to network with other data science…

Benjamin Obi Tayo Ph.D.

Physicist, Data Science Educator, Writer. Interests: Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Python & R, Personal Finance Analytics, Materials Sciences, Biophysics

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