2 Years of Data Science Blogging

Blogging is not only fantastic and fun, it is addictive too

I. Introduction

It all began in 2018 when I wrote my first blog on medium. A friend of mine had introduced me to medium during one of our data science weekly group studies. I found medium immediately to be a remarkable website. I don’t think there is any blogging website out there that is comparable to medium. The platform was designed specifically for writers and it’s very user friendly. When I wrote my first article in the summer of 2018, I was a novice in the blogging field. Over time, I worked extremely hard to improve my writing skills. Writing is a very challenging but fulfilling art. It has been 2 years of blogging already, and I still can’t claim to be a great writer. I have a long way to go to reach that milestone. Blogging is very addictive, once you develop a passion for it, it would be very difficult to turn back. Ever since my first article was published on medium, writing has become an integral part of my life. Through my data science articles, I’ve reached hundred of thousands of enthusiastic readers and learners throughout the world. There is simply no boundaries to the audience that you can reach through writing, and one can never underestimate the far reaching effects that an article could potentially have. If an article can serve as an inspiration to just a single reader, then that is considered success.

II. Challenges in Blogging

Writing is so much fun. The major challenge is that it requires a lot of creativity. You need to keep thinking at all times about what your next article is going to be on. As I go about my day-to-day life, when I experience a moment of inspiration or if an idea pops up, I simply jot it down on my phone using the notepad app. Then later, I work hard to convert these ideas into full articles. It also takes time to build an audience. But as you write prolifically, not compromising quantity for quality, you will see your audience of readers grow. Typically, it should take about 6 months to a year to establish yourself in the blogging field.

III. Summary of accomplishments

Number of articles published > 250

Number of followers = 4,800

Total number of views > 1 million

Total number of reads > 500,000

Average monthly earning = $600

IV. Top 5 articles published on medium

1. Data Science Minimum: 10 Essential Skills You Need to Know to Start Doing Data Science

This article discusses 10 essential skills that are necessary for practicing data scientists. These skills could be grouped into 2 categories, namely, technological skills (Math & Statistics, Coding Skills, Data Wrangling & Preprocessing Skills, Data Visualization Skills, Machine Learning Skills,and Real World Project Skills) and soft skills (Communication Skills, Lifelong Learning Skills, Team Player Skills and Ethical Skills).

Publication Date: November 4, 2019

Views = 70 K

Reads = 23 K

Read Ratio = 33%

2. Teach Yourself Data Science in 10 Years — 3 Lessons from Peter Norvig (Director of Machine Learning at Google)

This article discusses Peter Norvig’s suggestion for beginners that are interested in learning about data science. The point here is that you don’t need 10 years to learn the basics of data science, but learning data science in a rush is certainly not helpful. It takes time, effort, energy, patience and commitment to become a data scientist.

Publication Date: November 14, 2019

Views = 46 K

Reads = 21 K

Read Ratio = 46%

3. 5 Best Degrees for Getting into Data Science

This article discusses 5 complementary bachelor degree programs that can lead to a seamless transition into data science.

Publication Date: November 25, 2019

Views = 38 K

Reads = 21 K

Read Ratio = 56%

4. 10 Questions to Consider Before Pursuing a Career in Data Science

This article discusses 10 important questions that everyone interested in data science should consider before pursuing a career as a data scientist.

Publication Date: September 14, 2019

Views = 34 K

Reads = 18 K

Read Ratio = 51%

5. Theoretical Foundations of Data Science — Should I Care or Simply Focus on Hands-on Skills?

This article discusses the essential math and theoretical skills needed for data science and machine learning practice.

Publication Date: December 7, 2019

Views = 31 K

Reads = 12 K

Read Ratio = 38%

V. Additional data science/machine learning blogs

Timeline for Data Science Competence

Data Science Curriculum

Essential Maths Skills for Machine Learning

3 Best Data Science MOOC Specializations

A Data Science Portfolio is More Valuable than a Resume

VI. Tips for succeeding as a medium writer

  1. Write prolifically. As you write prolifically, your articles will gain popularity over time, and this will translate into more views, reads, and fans.
  2. Write high quality curated articles. It’s good to write prolifically, but you want to make sure you are not prioritizing quantity over quality. Make sure each published article is of the highest quality possible.
  3. Choose a good featured image for your article. A captivating featured image will enhance the quality of your article and will increase the likelihood that your article will be viewed and read. When choosing a featured image, make sure you don’t violate any copyright rules. One way to avoid violating copyright rules would be to use images from unsplash or you can create your own images. For more guidance, see the following: Choose the Right Featured Image For Your Data Science Articles.
  4. Focus on one area. It’s good to focus your energy on one area instead of writing about several different topics. I focus my articles on data science education and data science as a profession.
  5. Be patient, success takes time. It takes time to build a reputation as a good writer. In my case, the first 12 months of writing were very tough, but I never gave up. I keep writing and writing and writing. I have seen my earnings rise from under $2/month to $900 per month. In the past 12 months, my average earning is $600/month.
  6. Keep the length of your articles to about 4 to 6 minutes read. Most readers will not have a lot of time to spend reading your articles, so It’s good to write short articles.
  7. Embed some code if possible. If you are writing a data science article, the quality of the article could be improved if you could embed some code into your article. See the following examples:

8. You can submit your data science article to medium publications that are focused on data science. The 2 top data science publications are Towards Data Science and Towards AI. Publishing in one of these publications will help your articles to receive more publicity.

Useful resources to get you started

Beginner’s Guide to Writing Data Science Blogs on Medium

Choose the Right Featured Image For Your Data Science Articles

How to Succeed as a Medium Writer — 2 Lessons from an Ancient Book

VII. Goals for 2021

Ever since my first article was published on medium over 2 years ago, writing has become an integral part of my life. Through my articles, I have shared my diverse experiences in physics, materials sciences, online education, data science, machine learning, and analytics with thousands of enthusiastic learners all over the world. My goal is to continue to improve myself as a writer and to keep pushing myself to write and write and write. Writing is not only fantastic and fun, but it is also addictive.

Physicist, Data Science Educator, Writer. Interests: Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Python & R, Predictive Analytics, Materials Sciences, Biophysics

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